About US

Having started to provide services in the transportation sector with regional facilities in 1970, Bakimci Nakliyat 
increased the number of vehicles in 1998 to provide a better service to you, our valued customers, and has 
adopted the principle of providing a service that meets your needs and expectations.
With the developing business life, by establishing BKM LOGISTICS in 2007, it increased its field of activity, 
number of vehicles and diversity.
BKM LOGISTICS carries out fast, safe and high quality road transportation in import and export. BKM LOGISTICS, 
which provides import and export, partial and complete service to many points of Europe, especially England, Ireland, 
Scotland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, takes your cargo from anywhere and delivers it to the address you 
wish with its weekly flights. In addition, you, our esteemed customers; It is your solution partner in all Middle East
connections, especially the Turkic Republics.


BKM LOGISTICS serves its customers by following all technological developments with 
its own vehicle fleet. With its satellite communication and vehicle tracking system, 
Euteltracs offers its customers online vehicle tracking, freight inquiry, current account 
control and ordering services all over the internet.

BKM LOGISTICS is an organization that needs the sector’s export and import for quality service as well as transportation, provides storage, interim distribution, customs clearance, insurance, warehouse etc. services and shapes the company accordingly.

BKM LOGISTICS ensures that it will provide you with fast, 
safe and high-quality service and is proud to see you with 
you as soon as possible.
     Our Main Activity Areas            :
  • Partial transportation to England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands
  • England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands from Turkey to the Partial transportation
  • From Turkey to Europe, Turkic Republics and Middle East countries to complete transportation
  • Turkey to complete transportation from European countries
  • Complete transit transportation from European countries to the Middle East and Turkic Republics
  • Domestic-International Storage Service
  • Clearance and Consulting service
  • Air and Sea Freight