23 pieces Ford Cargo Investment from BKM

England-Turkey ICC for many years engaged in cargo transportation logistics lines, 23 Ford Cargo 1846 pony was appealing its fleet.

BKM Logistics strengthened its fleet by buying 23 Ford Cargo Pony 1846 trucks. Ford Trucks Dealer Cetas Commercial Heavy Vehicles Inc.’s delivery ceremony held in Silivri, BKM Logistics Chairman Edip Bakimci, BKM Logistics Board Member Hasan Bakimci, Cetas Commercial Vasita AS. Assistant General Manager Soner Alperoz, Cetas Ticari Vasıta A.S. Sales Manager Hayrettin Ertaş and BKM Lojistik executives attended. Speaking at the delivery ceremony, BKM Logistics Chairman Edip Bakimci stated that they started to serve in the transportation sector with 6-7 vehicles in Hatay in 1846, and since 2004 they have been operating in the international transportation sector as BKM Logistics. Explaining that they have been transporting to the UK and Western European countries since 2001 after an experience including domestic transportation in Sudan in the transportation sector, Edip Bakimcı stated that they are among the companies with the highest experience and service quality in UK transportation. Emphasizing that they have been using their preference for Ford Cargo Pony 1846, taking into account the increasing costs in the international shipping sector recently, Bakimcı told the story of why they preferred the Ford tractor as follows: “About a year ago, friends came from Cetas and we had two agreed. As is known, most of the Ford towing areas use vehicles domestically. We asked if we would run the vehicles abroad, whether we would have problems with the service. They said they had their services abroad. They said they would be behind Ford no matter what, as Cetas. They said that we will intervene immediately in the slightest malfunction, and we experienced the example of this. The first tool we bought was a simple problem abroad. They solved it in a very short time. We have been using their tools for about 9 months. Since we were satisfied, we decided to buy 23 more Ford trucks. On the other hand, Maintenance and Mountain companies also bought 5 Ford Cargo trucks with us. In other words, as a package, we bought 35 trucks as BKM, Bakimci and Dağlı. ” Cetas Ticari Vasıta A.S. In his speech at the delivery ceremony, Assistant General Manager Soner Alperöz noted that BKM Logistics is a very important company that carries loads to the UK and believes that Ford trucks will contribute to the visibility and awareness of both in England and Western Europe. Stating that they have been in cooperation with BKM Logistics for many years as Cetas, but for the first time they delivered Ford Cargo trucks, Soner Alperoz wished that 23 Ford Cargo Pony Mega 1846 Euro 5 trucks will be beneficial to BKM Logistics.