BKM and Volvo Trucks meet 23 years later

BKM and Volvo Trucks met 23 years later BKM Logistics, which is preparing to close this year with 10 percent growth, continues its fleet investments. After 23 years, the company invested in Volvo Trucks and added 30 Volvo FH 540 to its fleet.
Although this year has been very difficult for the sector, there are no companies that maintain the growth trend. One of these companies is BKM Lojistik. Turkey-specializing in shipments between England and Logistics ICC revealed a significant performance in 2018, he has grown his fleet of 540 Volvo FH tractor units with 30 investments. The delivery ceremony hosted by BKM Logistics Board Chairman Edip Bakimci, BKM Logistics Board Member Hasan Bakimci and Fuat Bakimci took place on 6 December. Truck Sales Group Manager Kıvanc Kizilkaya, Marmara Regional Manager Bora Gur, Marmara Regional Sales Manager Ufuk Ulus, Volvo Financial Services Leasing General Manager Ertan Colak and Volvo Financial Services Regional Manager Emrah Baris attended the ceremony.

We will increase our strength with Volvo Trucks

In statements after the delivery ceremony of the ICC Logistics Chairman Edip Bakimci worker, he said it will serve you with a more powerful fleet with new investments between Turkey and the UK. Emphasizing on the quality of Volvo Trucks, Maintainer also underlined that the approaches of Temsa İs Makinaları managers are effective in purchasing decisions. “The approaches of Temsa İş Makinaları executives at points such as price and cooperation have been effective in our vehicle choice. We are very pleased now. In the future, we aim to grow by adding Volvo Trucks vehicles to our fleet. ”


Edip Bakimci, who found the attitude of the banks to the logistics and transportation sector negative, pointed to the importance of the support provided by Volvo Financial Services. “The transportation sector is actually the most risk-free sector,” says Bakimci. We cannot export without logistics and transportation. Therefore, the sector needs to be supported. When we go to the banks, we see that there is a different perspective towards the sector. However, the logistics and transportation sector brings everything from the food on our tables to the clothes we wear and the chairs we sit. In other words, life would stop if there was no transportation sector. Therefore, it is important to support the logistics and transportation sector. ”


Temsa İs Makinaları Truck Sales Group Manager Kıvanc Kizilkaya said in his speech that the collaboration made; BKM Logistics said that it was the result of a project realized in partnership with Temsa İs Makinaları and Volvo Financial Services. Indicating that their aim as Temsa İs Makinaları is not only to sell trucks, but also to be a solution partner of customers, Kizilkaya underlined that they are a brand that is always near and close to customers. Explaining that they work as customer-oriented as Temsa İs Makinaları, Kizilkaya emphasized that Volvo Trucks’ customer perception is very high in international transportation. Commenting on the rising market share of Volvo Trucks, Kizilkaya stated that the development of export transportation positively affected the sales of Volvo Trucks. In this success; Stating that the good management of the triple sheet feet formed by the customer, after-sales services and finance is also great, Kizilkaya said, “As Temsa İs Makinaları, when Volvo Trucks cooperation started, we were not at the targeted place in the market and we managed to double our market share. We continued to grow in the shrinking market, always making us feel like we were with and near our customers. After that, our goal is to continue growing and see double digit numbers. ”


Bora Gur, Manager of Temsa İs Makinaları Marmara Region, stated that the delivery trucks can be customized according to the work done and the country they will work in. “We have made tailor-made tractors for a tailor-made company. We proceeded by examining all the features one by one from the height of the tire to the color inside. We specially designed the Volvo FH 540 tractors, one of our high horsepower locomotive series, to be used optimally with the superstructure. We made special arrangements for the driver in terms of both comfort and safety. BKM Lojistik invested not only in its fleet but also in its employees. To summarize briefly, we have designed the optimum tractors to meet their needs. After that, we will always be there with our after-sales services. ”


In his speech, Volvo Financial Services Leasing General Manager Ertan Colak said that their customers are always with them regardless of the conditions. Stating that most banks do not provide financial support to the sector, C11olak said, “We will continue to support the sector. Therefore, we do not make a pricing that will negatively affect the total cost of the customer. These supports will increase the power of Volvo Trucks in the market. I believe that Volvo Trucks will continue to increase its market share next year. We financed a large part of the Volvo Group’s products are currently sold in Turkey. The most important thing in the industry; especially in this period to support the sales of the product and to offer a solution to the customer. Because after-sales contracts become a long-term marriage with the customer. Likewise, the financing contracts we have made are like this. Our desire is to continue this marriage period as much as possible. Therefore, good service is also important in the ongoing process. ”