Tirsan and BKM Lojistik cooperation strengthened with 35 new purchases

BKM of the industry’s leading logistics company, Turkey’s leading trailer manufacturers and exports continues to champion holds Tirsan international transportation services with the products. England-Turkey transport solutions offered by exhibiting the superiority of the ICC if T has strengthened its logistics fleet with the brand. The vehicles, which consisted of 25 Tirsan Curtain Multi Rides and 10 Talson Train Loaded Textile Carriers, were delivered at a ceremony held on 6 December.

To the delivery ceremony held at BKM Logistics’ facilities in Hadımkoy; BKM Logistics Board Chairman Edip Bakimci, BKM Logistics Board Members Hasan Bakimci, Fuat Bakimci and Tirsan Trailer Sales Coordinator Ertugrul Erkoç attended. ICC President Logistics Board of Directors Edip maintenance worker in his speech at the delivery ceremony, said they would close with a growth of over 10 per cent this year, “What we will serve you with a more powerful fleet of this new investment with Turkey and the UK.” said.

“Tirsan Develops Winning Vehicles”

Providing information about vehicles, Tırsan Trailer Sales Coordinator Ertuğrul Erkoç said that they started negotiations with BKM Logistics in February and that they are working on solutions that will provide more added value to the company. “There are many features in our 35-unit vehicles we deliver that will add value to the work of BKM Logistics and facilitate the work of the drivers,” said Erkoç, who gave the following information about the vehicles: In addition, our vehicles can expand up to 60 cm in order to easily load and unload large out of gauge loads. These trailers can be used with both 1,100 and 950 mm tractors. In these vehicles, we use 385-55-R22.5 tire sizes that increase operational efficiency. In this way, the tire life is extended, higher fuel savings are achieved and the vehicles appeal to a wider range of uses in the second hand. Thus, the second hand value of the vehicles also increases. In addition, the anti-theft tarpaulin on the trailer provides protection against theft. When the thief tries to cut the branch, he can cut a maximum of 15cm. ” While Ertuğrul Erkoç underlines the fact that it has the feature of loading the train in the Talson suspension vehicles they deliver, we also use 385-55-R22.5 tire sizes that increase operational efficiency in these vehicles. In this way, we provide higher fuel savings in our vehicles and increase the second hand value by extending the life of the vehicle. With its 2.870 mm wide internal volume of the trailer, we provide our customers with the opportunity to carry more loads. On the other hand, thanks to the aluminum panels of the vehicle, we offer easy repair and maintenance advantages to the users. “Found the description.

Tirsan Curtain Multi Ride Features

Unlike its competitors, the superstructure and curtains of Tırsan Curtain Multi Ride are 100% compatible with CodeXL standards and ADR. Thanks to its e-f-g-i train transportation feature, the vehicle becomes a solution partner for its customers in intermodal transportation. With the roof lifting system; It can be used at five level driving heights up to 2.850, 2.900, 2.950, 3.000 and 3.050 mm. It offers the most durable base in the market with its base resistant to 7,200 kg forklift axle load. In addition, Multi Ride vehicles can be used in different tractors with a 5th wheel height between 1,100-950 mm. It provides operational flexibility and consequently savings to company owners. The K-Fix system, which has Multi-Ride trailer with curtain, provides the safest transportation of loads. The vehicle offers more than 500 loading combinations, thanks to a total of 236 load lashing points on the televre, each with a capacity of 2.5 tons. Preferred by the largest fleets in Europe, Tırsan Curtain Multi Ride vehicles are under the guarantee of 10 years of rust failure due to their chassis and steel parts are cataphoresis (KTL) coated according to the zinc tri-electron method. Talson Train Loaded Textile Carrier Features Talson Train Loaded Textile Carrier offers its customers the advantage of robustness and reliability in intermodal transportation thanks to its e-f-g-i train transportation feature. The aluminum panels of the trailer, which are produced in riveted structure, provide a long-term use life to the vehicles by providing high resistance to rust, and also provides customers with the advantage of easy repair and maintenance. In addition, Talfix® panels on the trailer with more than 10 thousand load stabilizers and slots with hanging bars; It can also be used as a load fixing system and double layer.