What is Logistics ?

Logistics; It can be defined as a tool to provide resources such as products, services and people where and when needed. It is very difficult to achieve any marketing or production organization without logistical support. Logistics; It covers the merging of transportation, inventory, storage, material management and packaging information. For BKM Logistics, which carries out “England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands import-export complete and partial transportation”, the operational responsibility is the geographical positioning of the raw material, the operation of the process and the completion of the business by meeting the needs at the lowest possible cost.

The meaning of the word logistics according to the Turkish Language Association dictionary is given as “back service”. In the TDK dictionary, it is defined as “Effective and efficient planning and implementation of transportation of all kinds of products, services and information flow from the point of departure to the destination point.”

Logistics can be defined as having the right amount, at the right price, at the right time in the “France import complete transport” service. Logistics is a process science. In all industrial sectors, whether efficiency, supply chain and project commissioning times are at the desired level is checked. Logistics adapted to business life after 1950s. Worldwide supply, increase in transportation and material needs, “the country of transit transport in Istanbul, Turkey 3” born of the need for it is the main reason. In the business world, logistics flows from the supplier to the end user (supply chain); it can be focused on inward or outward, or both. The main functions of logistics management are purchasing, transportation, storage, inventory entry, ensuring correct information flow and organizing and planning these activities. Logistics managers, “complete partial shipments from Turkey to England in Istanbul” as it combines information from each of these functions by ensuring the coordination of resources within an organization. There are basically two different forms of logistics: one provides the continuity of the flow of material throughout the storage and transport network as “British hanged textile transport in Istanbul”, and the other coordinates the chain of resources for the conclusion of the projects.

“Logistics, to meet customer needs, effectively, efficiently plan, implement, move, store and control the movement of any product, service and information flow from the starting point (source) to the end point (consumer) consumed. keeping service. ” International logistics has increased its importance in Istanbul recently.

Our Vision

Creating added value for its customers by providing innovative logistics services in the name of “Italy international logistics service in Istanbul” in the geography it provides services.
To provide the success of the customer, to provide solutions to increase the trade.
To ensure that our services are more efficient by continuing employee satisfaction.
To be an honest, reliable, responsible, competitive organization that has set its goals and objectives in accordance with the information and technological developments brought by the age.

Our Services

BKM LOGISTICS serves its customers by following all technological developments with its own vehicle fleet. GPS satellite communications and vehicle tracking system with the first follow-up tools online to customers, freight inquiry, all of the current account control and ordering service and the “complete and partial transit of the Middle East and the Republic of Turkey from European countries” service offers over the internet.
It is an organization that needs the sector in export and import for quality service as well as transportation, storage, interim distribution, customs clearance, insurance, warehouse etc. services and shapes the company accordingly. Our company is also a member of UND (International Transporters Association). is

With our 91 Owned Mega, Tilt and Hanging Trailers,
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We make complete or partial transit of the Republic of Turkey to the Middle East and European countries.