Information Security Policy

Our policy specifies our highest level principles to be used during the implementation of ISMS. The purpose of our Information Security policy is to protect information assets, to ensure the confidentiality of information and data, to protect against the access of unauthorized persons who will try to undermine their integrity, thereby eliminating situations that could undermine our organization’s trust and reputation.

* To ensure that the information is only accessible to those authorized to access it (Confidentiality),
* To ensure the correctness and unauthorized modification of the information and processing methods (Integrity),
* To guarantee that authorized users can access authorized and related resources in the fastest way when needed (Availability),
* To meet the ISMS standard requirements,
* To comply with legal regulations regarding information security,
* Identifying risks for information assets and systematically managing and minimizing risks,
* To measure, review and continuously improve ISMS,
* To increase the awareness of information security, it is our main policy to organize personnel trainings to develop technical and behavioral competencies.
General Manager