Quality Policy

  • Within the framework of a service understanding that depends on ethical values, by responding to our customers’ needs in a timely, reliable and continuous manner; maximizing customer satisfaction,
  • To achieve excellence, by adapting innovations to our processes with the participation of all employees; to make continuous improvement understanding an integral part of our company culture,
  • To establish and develop relationships based on mutual trust and information sharing in our service chain by using effective communication techniques with our stakeholders,
  • To protect the brand image and awareness,
  • To organize planned training activities to improve the roles of our stakeholders in our processes, to increase their awareness and knowledge levels and to ensure their professional and individual development,
  • To keep the satisfaction and morale of our employees at a high level,

We undertake to comply with legal requirements and standards regarding Quality Management when performing our activities and services.

Our ethical values: To act in accordance with the laws, the terms of the agreement with the customer, to fulfill the commitments made.

Our Stakeholders: Our employees, suppliers, customers, subcontractors