Road Transport

As Promised, on time and Safe

Turkey is one of the youngest and largest fleets, the majority of 2018 model 91 Piece Owned Mega Tilt and Hanging especially with our fleet with our Trailer automotive, textile, retail, construction, cosmetics, for key sectors of trade, including energy, complete / partial import and export road transport and international transport in Istanbul, Turkey in Istanbul 3. Transit countries, full partial transportation from Turkey to the UK in istanbul, we offer the England international italy hanging textile transportation and logistics services in Istanbul.

We offer a perfect road transportation service in terms of speed and service quality with our experienced team and customer-oriented solutions, all of which are Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, with a fleet of vehicles that are environmentally friendly, monitored 24 hours with satellite tracking system and can be monitored online. As BKM Logistics, which aims to lighten the burden of its customers, we serve with special equipment and experienced personnel. With its wide service network, operational and sectoral expertise, customer-oriented solutions, and a team that truly embraces customer relationship management, BKM Logistics offers quality and reliable service.