Storage Service

Storage Service

BKM Logistics is at your service with its indoor and outdoor warehouses located in the center of Hadımkoy.

Benefits of providing Warehouse Service from outside.

  • You focus on your business,
  • You drop the inventory level,
  • Thanks to inventory management, you will get a quick reflex,
    You benefit from administrative management expenses,
  • You ensure the safety of your products,
  • You get rid of investment costs,
  • You can meet the demands of your customers faster thanks to our innovative storage systems.

We are at your service with our hygienic and sheltered warehouses for all your warehouse needs. We serve you with professional customer representatives who understand all your transportation and storage needs. In our safe, clean and closed storage facilities, we protect your belongings from external negativities. We ensure the safety of your belongings with 24/7 camera system.

BKM Logistics will be good for you and your customers with Istanbul Storage Service.